Location: 09599 Freiberg, Schlossplatzquartier, Prüferstraße 4, room: SPQ 1301


Topics of the scientific-practical conference are especially new developments and application examples in:

  • Planning, licencing and acceptance of mining projects in a social context
  • Innovations in continuous mining methods, extraction technology and dumping methods
  • Technologies of machinery employment and optimisation of process chains
  • Automatisation, digitalisation and robotics of machinery and process chains
  • Control- and safety technology
  • Optimisation of auxiliary and ancillary processes
  • Energy efficiency and new energy supply systems
  • Dewatering and geotechnical challenges of the employment of machinery
  • Recultivation and post-mining landscape
  • Recruiting young talent and new training concepts
  • Scientific developments with application potential in the continuous mining method